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Is temporary fix to Louisiana's budget--Jindal's ticket out?

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chehardy-hangoutAs a state of Louisiana struggles with its enormous budget issue and as its governor, Bobby Jindal continues to make national headlines in his run for president, some are asking how do we deal with a budget crisis like this?

 Despite prior assertions that a budget agreement would be finalized by the time that the Louisiana Legislature ended its regular session, there appears to be some support for getting through the regular session ending June 11 with only a partial fix, leaving the permanent budget issues to the next governor, the next administration and to the next legislative body. A new governor and legislative body will be elected this fall.

In a Google hangout on Thursday, former statewide-elected official Jim Brown and conservative Republican former Jefferson Parish Assessor Lawrence Chehardy discussed these issues with Stephen Sabludowsky, publisher of The group also talked about related questions such as:

Will Gov. Jindal will be boasting on the campaign trail that his administration presided over eight balanced budgets without raising taxes? Will Jindal run or not and if he decides not to, what will be the impact of that decision?  Does he have a record to run upon?

Below is a rough summary of the discussions. Click on any one of these stamped hyperlinks to listen to the specific segment of the hangout conversation.

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0:00 Chehardy: Jindal is distracted with national politics, but, the reality is, he has a veto power and legislators must look at that reality.  Have to live with the reality.

0:39 Sabludowsky: Veto override is a reality;  Any type of solution is going to take a 2/3 resolution anywhere.  There is a difference between having a governor in favor or against, but still get it done now.

1:22 Chehardy: some of these taxes being passed might require a 2/3 vote, legally as Jim is saying. governor and legislature have gotten us into this "pickle barrel" and the only way out might be a piece-meal fashion.  This has been caused by selling state assets, using one-time money and poor management.

2:25 Sabludowsky: Is the governor going to go on the campaign trail and claim that for eight years with balance a budget without a even raising a penny tax?

2:38 Brown: Jindal is getting eaten alive in the national press His past begin to haunt him as James Carville is saying.  A poll today has an at 1%  I don't think is going to run for governor.I think is going to opt out and find some graceful way of going into the sunset. I think he might be a box contributor. The national media is exposing his negatives and shortcomings and even Republicans are criticizing him nationally.

4:06 Chehardy: Should Bobby Jindal decide not to run for president. That is going to haunt him just as much if not more. This is what he has been doing to the detriment of Louisiana. The state is in a horrible condition. I've been a friend of Bobby Jindal; I still consider him to be a friend but to get elected any to do your job

5:34 Brown: (Asks Chehardy) Imagine if you or your father has spent half the time while in elective office doing other work. Just like Chris Christie, his job performance is beginning to hurt him. I agree tHow is the governor going to promote his record question "he has nothing to point to"hat if he decides not to run people going to say what have you been doing look how bad the state is doing, we really made a mistake.

6:58 Chehardy: If you want to move up to show your job performance. Gov. Jindal cannot do that. "He is nothing to show".

7:59 Sabludowsky: He'll say it (anyway) He has no problem saying it (laughter).


Part I of hangout: Uncertainty prevails with Jindal and Louisiana legislators over budget


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