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DNC expresses concern over Jindal's dogged presidential campaign efforts and exploratory committee

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jindal-faithAfter Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal announced his launching of his Presidential Exploratory committee, the Democratic National Committee expressed its deep concern over the upcoming Jindal bid--by releasing a statement from the National Press Secretary Holly Schulman.

 Over the past seven years since Barack Obama became the US President, Jindal has led the pack in criticizing the president's record.  However, now, Jindal is currently facing a $1.6B budget deficit, amounting to  roughly 4% of the state's budget and higher education and healthcare are not at risk of further and serious  damage to its infrastructure. 

The governor's popularity is hovering between 25 to 31+ percent, depending upon the poll and if those polled are "likely voters" or voters. 

Still, Jindal, who has spent roughly one-half of his time in office on the national campaign trail appears unbothered by his lack of popularity.  Today's announcement that he has  launched his exploratory committee, is evidence of his dogged determination to lead the nation as its chief executive and commander in chief. 

Here is the DNC statement:    

DNC Response to Bobby Jindal Launching his Presidential Exploratory Committee

Following the news that Bobby Jindal has launched his Presidential Exploratory Committee, DNC National Press Secretary Holly Shulman released the following statement: 




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