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So what’s Gumbo PAC’s “Anybody But Vitter”, anyway?

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Anybody but Vitter?

 On the WGSO radio 990 AM-Bayoubuzz Google Hangout webcast, today, Jeff Crouere and Stephen Sabludowsky discussed the emergence of a PAC called Gumbo Pac but which appears to have one rue in mind, namely defeating David Vitter in his race for Louisiana Governor.

Crouere asked Sabludowsky if he was familiar with the organization and did he see a billboard sign promoting the ABV, Anybody But Vitter movement.

Sabludowsky said he was generally knowledgeable about the organization--that appears to be gaining steam.

Who is behind the organization?  The Louisiana Democratic Party? A candidate or candidates?

Crouere said that part of a commercial focused upon the Washington DC Madam controversy and asked whether this would be an issue in the election.

Sabludowsky said that he personally does not believe it is an issue but there are related matters that bother him, such as Vitter’s pursuing the Fifth Amendment in that case.  He also said he did not like the fact that outside money was pouring into Vitter’s campaign and his super-PAC and just like he didn’t like Grover Norquist telling Louisiana what to do, he doesn't care for outside contributors having an inordinate amount of power in the state’s elections.

Crouere said that Vitter was receiving the major endorsements among politicians such as John Kennedy, Steve Scalise and others and speculated that Kennedy and others might be supporting Vitter for future political opportunities.

Sabludowsky felt one of the reasons Vitter has obtained such support is the aura of invincibility and that it was Vitter’s race to lose.  He also felt that the focus upon Vitter could work against the organization to Vitter’s benefit as some might feel Vitter was being unfairly targeted which could generate sympathy support.

Below is the relevant segment from the WGSO-Bayoubuzz Google hangout. 

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