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Louisiana Democrats claim Jindal-Norquist’s SAVE budget gimmick looks lost

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la-demos2According to the Louisiana Democratic Party, the much-discussed SAVE budget gimmick which would balance the budget through a gimmick, allowing Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal to claim no taxes were raised during the ongoing legislative session is losing ground.


This morning, the party released this email praising its House members and recognizing the bi-partisan effort to pass the budget without SAVE, contrary to the demands of other House GOP and the Senate, both controlled by Republicans.

Legislators have until 6pm today to complete the $24 billion budget and the revenue sources that would finance it. 

The session’s focus has been upon filling a $1.6B budget deficit. 

Governor Jindal has threatened to veto the budget if the legislature did not include SAVE, which is legislation that would enable the lawmakers to maintain a supposed revenue-neutral budget, full of tax increases but which would contain a non-existent university fee increase and tax credit so the Governor could claim he did not raise taxes.

Below is the comments from the Louisiana Democratic Party.  The Louisiana Republican Party, apparently due to major split within the party—some loyal to Jindal and others not, have not released any press statements.

With final negotiations continuing late into the night at the Capitol, Democratic leadership in the House was able to hold strong and push back against the relentless attempts by Senate Republicans to insert the money-laundering “SAVE” Act into the final budget legislation. Thanks to the efforts of leaders including House Caucus Chair Rep. John Bel Edwards, House Speaker Pro Tempore Walt Leger and Rep. Katrina Jackson, joined by courageous allies from both sides of the aisle, our leadership held the line overnight. Common sense and ethical judgment made a rare triumph in the GOP-dominated legislature, and the final package of budget legislation to be released today will not contain the odious scam demanded by Grover Norquist and Gov. Bobby Jindal. 

Even into the very last hours of a hard-fought legislative session, elements of the state GOP, still beholden to out-of-state special interests and in fear of their failed governor, continued their attempts to hold a budget deal hostage. Wiser heads and more courageous hearts will prevail. The budget legislation that resulted attempts to serve Louisiana families, without reference to the demands of Jindal’s doomed presidential campaign. 

“This is a big deal, and will be a huge win for Louisiana taxpayers and voters who demand accountability from their elected officials,” said Stephen Handwerk, executive director of the Louisiana Democratic Party. “Special thanks are due to our Democratic Caucus Chairs: Sen. Eric LaFleur and Rep. John Bel Edwards; to Rep. Katrina Jackson, to Sen. Karen Carter Peterson, Sen. President Pro Tempore Sharon Weston Broome and House Speaker Pro Tempore Walt Leger. Without their leadership, courage and perseverance, this never would have been accomplished.


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“If we are honest with ourselves, we can all agree that too many of those stereotypes rang true. In our past, too many of our politicians looked out for themselves. Too many arms of state and local government did not get results. And the world took note. Those stereotypes cost us credibility. They cost us investment. They cost us jobs.”—Governor Bobby Jindal, January 2008, Inauguration address

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