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Thursday, 11 June 2015 19:24

Tick-tock; Jindal in Louisiana House and Budget, SAVE uncertain

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jindal-legis-lastdayClock is ticketing down at the Baton Rouge Capitol Showdown.

As of this writing, the session has only three hours left until sine die.


The major issue at hand is whether the Louisiana House Republicans will continue its revolt against Bobby Jindal’s SAVE plan so he can keep his pledge to Grover Norquist.

Perhaps one of the most interesting comments emerging is from Tyler Bridges of the Advocate.   Bridges just posted that “It’s possible that legislators could cobble together enough other tax cuts without SAVE to allow Jindal to meet the no-net-tax-increase pledge.”

Here are some others:

From Melinda Deslatte

"It was decided it was best to limit the revenue measures to a three-year period and then allow the Legislature at that time to decide if the revenue's still needed," said House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Joel Robideaux, R-Lafayette.

Jindal visited the House of Representatives Chamber during a farewell speech by Rep. Jeff Arnold and presumably to do some last-minute SAVE bidding.   He stayed in the House to watch Speaker Kleckley give his own emotional farewell.  After the Arnold speech, one of the legislators jokingly requested that Governor Jindal explain the SAVE act.  

The House voted for a 50 cent increase in the cigarette tax, which would bring cigarettes prices up to $.86 per pack. 

Interesting tweets:

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