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Louisiana film industry requests Jindal veto, threatens litigation

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filmThe Louisiana film industry issued a red alert today announcing that if Governor Bobby Jindal does not veto legislature which it says will severely damage (if not destroy) the growing film industry, it will challenge HB 829 in court.


Due to a major $1.6B budget shortfall, businesses were hit hard, including the film industry,  The legislature put a $180 million ceiling on the tax credits per year.  Due to the tax credits, Louisiana has emerged as a worldwide leader in film-making. 

However, Governor Jindal reportedly said he will not veto any of the revenue measures.

Here is a notice the LFEA Members and Film Industry sent to its supporters:

On Thursday, in the last 2 minutes of the legislative session, the Louisiana Legislature passed a bill that will severely damage (if not destroy) our growing film industry.  The bill is unconstitutional, and LFEA plans to challenge it in court. First, though, we will be asking the Governor to veto the legislation.

Below is a link to the online petition to ask Governor Jindal to VETO HB 829. Please use the link below to sign the petition.


We ask that you sign this electronic petition and please send IMMEDIATELY to everyone you know whom is employed by, supports, or is positively impacted by the film industry in Louisiana! This is our best chance to stop this legislation, before it starts costing  jobs. #VETOHB829


Monday, 15 June 2015 11:33

bandaidOfficially, the Louisiana budget was balanced with not a second to spare. On Thursday of last week, as the clock ticked, the Louisiana legislature, after a two-month session, finalized the state budget with its $1.6 billion shortfall by raising fees, taxes and by making cuts. The problem, however, appears to be that the fix was merely short-term and the budget solution which begins July 1 2015 might even last until Gov. Bobby Jindal serves his last day in office, mid-January 2016.

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