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Surprised? Jindal staff leaves for new opportunities, oops, presidential campaign

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surpriseSurprised?  Don't be.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal administration has announced today that top officials are leaving state government for new opportunities.  However, it is widely reported that these officials will be joining his presidential team, just as in the past, other high-ranking officials also resigned to "pursue other opportunities".  Today, he announced that Kyle Plotkin and Shannon Dirmann will be leaving the administration to pursue those other opportunities, effective today.   It is unknown why Jindal and his administration have failed to offer more details about these former govern,ment staff.   


Strangely, the announcement fails to mention that the top administration leaders will be joining his campaign, which is set to begin June 24.  Jindal previously pulled other officials from the administration without mentioning that they would be hired to beef up his presidential efforts.

Here is the press statement concerning the latest officials leaving office and pursuing "new opportunities"

Today, Governor Jindal announced that Director of Legislative Affairs Melissa Mann will be taking over as Chief of Staff, effective June 19.  Kyle Plotkin will be leaving the administration to pursue new opportunities.

Governor Jindal also announced that, effective June 19, Deputy Communications Director Shannon Dirmann will be leaving the administration to pursue other opportunities.

Governor Jindal said, “For the past six years, Kyle has gone above and beyond to be a selfless and steadfast leader for the people of Louisiana. He has held many different roles in our administration and has always been a trusted advisor and good friend to me. I’m proud to have worked side-by-side with him through challenges, victories and everything in between.

“As Director of Legislative Affairs, Melissa has worked closely with legislators and has been a great advocate for the people of Louisiana. She is an incredibly hardworking and outstanding member of our team. She has a servant’s heart and I know she will do a great job in this new role.”

Melissa Mann said, “It’s been a wonderful opportunity to work for Governor Jindal for the past seven years. I’m proud of all of the work we have accomplished. We’ve tightened our ethics laws, created better opportunities for children in failing schools and helped make Louisiana a better place for our families. I am committed to doing what it takes to keep Louisiana one of the greatest places in the world to get a job and raise a family.”

Kyle Plotkin said, “It’s been an incredible honor to work for Governor Jindal and serve the people of Louisiana. I know Melissa along with the rest of the administration are going to do a great job and make Louisiana an even stronger state.”

Melissa Mann currently serves as Director of Legislative Affairs and she previously served as Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs in the Governor’s Office. Prior to that role, Mann worked at the Department of Transportation and Development as Legislative Liaison. She also previously worked as the Executive Assistant to the Chief of Staff in the Governor’s Office. Mann has a Bachelor of Science degree from Louisiana State University.

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