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Jindal has supporters at announcement but little chance to win GOP

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jindal-runOn Wednesday night, hours after the big event, Former Louisiana State Official Jim Brown and Monroe News-Star (Gannet) Greg Hilburn engaged in a google hangout phone conference with Bayoubuzz Publisher Stephen Sabludowsky, to discuss Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's presidential campaign announcement.   

Hilburn called into the conference via phone.

SABLUDOWSKY: There's a big night here in Louisiana--Gov. Jindal has entered the presidential ring, so Greg, why don't you give us an idea as to what happened? You were down there.  Go ahead please.

 HILBURN: I was, it was at the Pontchartrain Center in Kenner not in New Orleans and people thought well how he's going to make this announcement in New Orleans where he's not very popular, but it was at the Pontchartrain Center in Kenner, I think there were more than 1000 people there, enthusiastic supporters, a lot of them work for him but there were others, just regular people, who supported him all along. And the governor is trying to get some traction in this 16 person republican field of candidates and he said nothing that you haven't heard before, but I'm sure he's hoping he can get a bump in the polls, which political scientists say usually happens and then maybe catch fire in Iowa and New Hampshire. I know that everybody is saying it's unlikely and certainly it's unlikely. But I also talked with his political strategists today  about what they believe is their path, and the going to focus on, they don't have the money that Jeb Bush or other candidates have, they're going to focus on Iowa and New Hampshire. My question is if he's not in the top 10, and which is required to make the debates which start in August, I just don't see how he, I don't see how he can proceed as a serious candidate. But it was a friendly crowd, he was enthusiastically greeted. It was a nice event and at the end about 70 anti-Jindal protesters, not protesters, but who want their voices heard outside of the event today

SABLUDOWSKY: Jim, you had a chance to look at much of it on TV, or at least over the Internet, and you read some articles--what is your response to what Greg has said, that is, his handlers, I'm assuming you're talking about Timmy Teeple

HILBURN: Yes Timmy and his campaign, I'm embarrassed now, I can't remember his name, they had media access, I'm sorry can't remember his name {snippet 247}

SABLUDOWSKY: Don't worry about it, sure, anyway, Jim, please go ahead

BROWN: Well I wasn't there at the Ponstchatrain center in Kenner.   I heard what the governor said on Sean Hannity show, he went on there after the speech today.  He stayed on for about an hour, I looked at his comments there..flipped on the Internet, there's a number of things on the Internet, Jindal is no longer,  although he's never been to tight in Louisiana,  as Greg said, looking to the national perspective, how can he get some traction in other states and around the rest of the country. I talked to a couple of people close to Jindal over last few days and they thought that he was going to be a visionary.  Listen, look there's lots of great things happening in America, great people and some great ideas in a private sector, we just don't have any political leadership and put more of a positive note on it but he didn't do that from what I could see. In fact, the Washington Post, I read their their evening story about Jindal and they said it was a strange, vicious, negative commentary which is reflect his campaign in the past few months. Far from being positive and giving some people hope-it was beat up on Obama, and beat up on the federal government. Now maybe he thinks that will work, as Greg said, but Fox News released a poll here today as Greg said there are 16 candidates who have announced or who are sure to run--of the 16, Jindal finishes 17th. He is below "none of the above", he can't crack, he's got 1%.  Then they said who is your second choice, eliminate your first choice, who should second choice?   Again, Jindal ended up with 1%, dead last. Now I've seen many of these campaigns over the years.  I'm the older guys, I'm not young like Greg and you Steve--and I lwatched how people like Jimmy Carter emerged in 1976, and Walter Mondale, so many of these complete unknowns emerged but it was at a time when you didn't have the super PACs, these billionaires putting up money behind you and Greg said it very well let's assume that Bobby Jindal is the best possible candidate, saying the right things, we loved him and his positives in Louisiana were 85%, let us assume that for the argument, if that were the case, he doesn't have any big guns behind him.  There's not one major PAC, one major money guy gravitating to Jindal at this date.  They're all going to the top five or six candidates--for Scott Walker, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and so without those big bucks, even in the best scenario, I don't think that there's any room forward.  Buddy Romer found that out--our former Louisiana Governor, four years ago. So as I said before, I think he's Don Quixote on his horse, joshing at windmills and quite frankly is not going to make it run. And that's not only my opinion that's what the Fox News poll shows and that's what reports, I read the Washington Post show, that's what the national media seems to be saying right now.

Part 2 tomorrow


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