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New Orleans crime wave heats as Landrieu waves at confederate symbols

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mitchby Jeff Crouere
While Mayor Mitch Landrieu is worried about tearing down a 130-year old statue among other historical monuments, the city of New Orleans continues to be awash in criminal activity. Over the July 4th weekend, there was another series of shootings, robberies and rapes that confirmed New Orleans continues to be one of the most violent cities in the nation.


The violent crime rate in 2015 is significantly higher than in 2014, while the police force is significantly smaller. The options for law abiding citizens are few, but they include carrying weapons, remaining indoors or refusing to venture out on the crime ridden streets of New Orleans.
There is no light at the end of the tunnel, no possibility that the situation will change anytime soon.
Instead of focusing on the most vexing problem facing New Orleans, Mayor Landrieu has expended considerable time and effort expounding on why old Civil War monuments need to be removed from the city’s landscape. Surely, the removal of these monuments will not make New Orleans a safer city or a more prosperous one. However, removing statues will satisfy the political correct instincts of Landrieu, who is always looking to curry favor with the national media and the power brokers in the Democratic Party. Such actions will also pacify civil rights activists who have suddenly become enraged over monuments that have stood for decades.
The reality is that monuments are not killing people in New Orleans, but criminals are doing so with wanton disregard for the police. Fighting 130 year old statues may feel good for Landrieu, but it will not save one life or make New Orleans a more livable city.
A real solution would be to remove the city’s status as one of the country’s sanctuary cities, places where illegal aliens can reside without fear of local law enforcement informing federal immigration authorities about their case. In New Orleans, the definition of sanctuary has an additional meaning as the city is also a comfortable home for large numbers of citizen criminals who roam the streets unmolested.
Thus, New Orleans is a sanctuary city for criminals of all ages, races and ethnicities. This policy attracts illegal aliens to New Orleans, bolstering our already large criminal population.
In San Francisco, this policy led to a horrific shooting last week. Francisco Sanchez, an illegal alien from Mexico with nine convictions and five deportations on his record, was attracted to San Francisco due to their status as a sanctuary city. Tragically, Sanchez killed 32-year old Kathryn Steinle as she was walking on Pier 14 with her father.
This senseless death, a random shooting, made national news, due to Sanchez’s long rap sheet and the illegal immigration controversy recently generated by Donald Trump’s comments. Trump was blasted by a large number of politically correct politicians, celebrities, and business leaders, who were offended by his remarks that Mexico is sending criminals to America. Yet, just days later, his statements were proven true by Sanchez’s horrific actions in San Francisco.
While this crime is generating much needed media attention, it is not an isolated event. As a fellow sanctuary city, New Orleans is no doubt attracting criminals from throughout the country and abroad. These lawbreakers know that police in New Orleans, as well as in 300 other sanctuary cities; will not detain them on violations of our immigration laws.
In light of this murder, neither New Orleans nor San Francisco nor any city in America should provide sanctuary for illegal alien lawbreakers. In New Orleans, there are already too many criminals discovering that the city is a safe place to conduct their criminal enterprises. Our goal should be to reduce the number of criminals in New Orleans, not attract more.
Orleans Parish Sheriff Marlin Gusman no longer holds in prison those suspected of immigration violations. There is little doubt that many of those the Sheriff releases eventually commit crimes. It is what happened in San Francisco where such reckless policies cost Kathryn Steinle her life.

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