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Ariana Grande, Kid Rock: Flagging two faces of America's culture

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Kid Rock Dec 2013This week, two major music stars made national news. Pop sensation Ariana Grande insulted the country when she was captured on video at a doughnut shop saying “I hate Americans, I hate America.” Grande was upset that a store employee showed her doughnuts decorated in patriotic colors and called them “disgusting.” To make matters worse, Grande was also captured on video licking the doughnuts when no one was behind the counter.


After the negative reaction, Grande issued two lame apologies. In the first one, she said her anger was really directed at the obesity problem in America. In the second apology, she said that her comments were a “poor choice of words.”

Of course, she would have never apologized if the video had not been released to the media. She is only the latest in a long line of “stars” that show hatred toward the people who made them rich.  Americans made this 22 year old singer a millionaire and without the support of her fans, she might be working in that doughnut shop today.

Too many celebrities like Ariana Grande are self absorbed and express no gratitude for their wealth and fame. It is even worse when they couple such ignorance with hatred toward this great country.  If Ariana Grande “hates America” so much, she is welcome to move to Saudi Arabia, Libya or Oman. Let’s see how she likes the conditions in those countries. In much of the Muslim world, Grande would be treated like property and not allowed to vote, drive, express an opinion or leave her house without being covered in traditional garb head to toe.

It is time Americans stopped supporting stars that hate this country. Let’s spend our entertainment dollars on stars that realize that America, for all our faults, is still the best country on earth.  

In this country, today, we are fortunate to have constitutional protections, including the Bill of Rights. Among our most cherished rights is the 1st Amendment guarantee of free speech. One star who proudly exercises his free speech rights is Kid Rock, a Michigan native, who displays the Confederate Flag occasionally at concerts. He identifies with the rebel spirit of the flag, not racism, discrimination or slavery.

In country today, displaying the Confederate flag is still permitted, even though it was just removed from the South Carolina statehouse. In the wake of the horrific South Carolina church shooting, perpetrated by a racist lunatic who was pictured with the Confederate flag, there has been a mad rush throughout the country to ban all confederacy symbols. However, when it interferes with a person’s 1st Amendment rights, it is a real problem.  

Kid Rock is a free spirit and he did not take too kindly to the order given by Reverend Al Sharpton’s National Action Network. The civil rights organization demanded that Rock denounce the flag and stop using it at his concerts. This prompted Rock to tell the “people who are protesting to kiss my a..”

The last person Americans should listen to is Rev. Al Sharpton, a known racial agitator and liar. Fortunately, Kid Rock refused to be bullied, showing true American spirit, the kind that Ariana Grande will never understand or appreciate.

His independence and politically incorrect stance is very American. Fortunately, we still have those rights in America. While freedoms are being attacked every day, the right to free speech is still allowed.

Even though the network TV Land removed “The Dukes of Hazzard” show from their line-up due to the Confederate flag being displayed on the General Lee car, and other activists want to ban the Civil War movie “Gone with the Wind,” most Americans still appreciate artistic freedom. It is one of the many reasons why America is a country worth fighting for, and definitely not hated. 

Jeff Crouere

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