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Tuesday, 18 September 2012 23:40

Libya, apologies are proof that Obama’s foreign policy is a train wreck

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trainAmericans recently witnessed a horrible event as an American ambassador and three members of his staff were cruelly murdered in the streets of Libya. In addition, violent riots erupted in nearly two dozen other Muslim nations supposedly in reaction to an amateur film which they considered inflammatory.

The American response to this is confusing. There was no clear and firm immediate denunciation of the actions. Worse, the original response was an awkward statement of apology from the Cairo embassy early on, later confirmed by the Secretary of State. Finally, the President offered a tepid response following which OUR government apprehended and questioned the film maker. Intimidation?



Several points must be stated clearly:

First, Freedom of Speech and expression are protected in the United States by the Bill of Rights. There are no exceptions. For the American State Department to even consider apologizing for a film not generated by the government, but by a private citizen, is outrageous. In America our constitution allows one to be stupid. That is the price of democracy. Maintaining the dignity of our freedoms is more important than concerns over the extended sensibilities of foreign nationals. We should never apologize for our fundamental freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.

Second, this film came out two months ago. The Muslim reaction was NOT spontaneous, but planned to occur on 9/11. That is obvious to everyone, except perhaps some members of this administration who persist in dreaming otherwise.

Third, the failure to properly secure our staff in a nation as torn by violence as Libya is unforgivable. Other attacks have occurred in that nation over the past months so it should have been obvious that our personnel were at risk. There were warnings days before. Why was more not done to secure our people? That demands an unbiased review.

Fourth, this would not have happened had this administration not taken it upon itself to undermine our allies in the region and to illegally attack Libya and overthrow the government there. Omar Gaddafi was indeed a brutal dictator. But he was not troubling us. What made it our concern to overthrow his government in violation of the American Constitution and the War Powers Act and create the chaos the reigns there? There are dictators all over the world, is it America’s business to export democracy through force of arms?

Fifth, it was obvious to everyone that Gaddafi possessed vast stockpiles of sophisticated weapons that have “disappeared”. Over 8,000 shoulder launched missiles are presently missing and no doubt finding their way into the arsenals of militants. Vast stores of other weapons are also on the loose. Securing these weapons should have been a primary concern prior to attacking Libya. Who failed here? Did they not believe these arsenals would be pillaged?

Sixth, and probably more important… of the nations presently protesting America’s democratic freedoms, how many are capable of feeding themselves? How vital are they to REAL American interests? More to the point, how important are we to them? Perhaps we should take the extreme measure of cutting off all foreign aid to the more violent of these nations and let nature run its course. Perhaps then they might cease biting the hand that literally feeds them.

The bottom line is that the United States has to stand tall for its principles. There also has to be consequences for actions taken against us. Notice that none of these nations dared to attack a Russian or Chinese embassy. Why do you think that is the case? Perhaps they fear the consequences. Or, likely those nations are not forcibly exporting their cultures.

President Obama’s foreign policy is a train wreck. Problems are growing around the globe and there is no clarity in where American stands. This confusion serves to make matters worse. Miscalculations can turn a crisis into a war.

These modern Democratic “Progressives” have forgotten the movement’s roots. Theodore Roosevelt was the founder of the Progressive Movement; his foreign policy dictum was “Speak softly, and carry a big stick.” Today we speak in tongues and fear that other nations might not like us. The results are obvious.

America must have a clear and concise foreign policy based upon the realities of the world about us. These policies must reflect our fundamental principles and interests, not some hypothetical philosophical constructs based upon the desire for others to like us.

My mother once told me: “I want you to love me, but you will respect me!” That sounds like a worthy basis for a foreign policy.

by Ron Chapman


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