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Little Bigman Ray Rice, Baltimore Ravens Upend New Orleans Saints Hopes

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The Baltimore Ravens might have upended the New Orleans Saints conference champion hopes and perhaps even its playoff aspirations and the big win can be credited to a little fellow, Ray Rice. 

Running back Rice had his best game of the year making big plays and running 153 yards on 31 carries.

The Saints loss along with the Atlanta victory over Seattle puts the Falcons in the soaring high over the rest of the NFL and now the Saints, leading by two games against New Orleans with only two games remaining.

Here are some of the media comments about Rice from Saints after the 30-24 Baltimore victory.

Coach Sean Peyton:

(on bad tackling and Ravens RB Ray Rice) “We’re doing the same thing we’ve been doing. I think there’s a couple penalties that hurt us in those situations. I wouldn’t disagree. Obviously they rushed the ball pretty well today, so we’ll look to clean some of that up. He’s a good back, he’s a real good back, and he ran well today.”

CB Tracy PorterDescription:

(on the defense) “It wasn’t up to our standards today. Those guys [the Ravens] did a great job today, capitalizing on the mistakes we made. On the missed tackles today, we let Ray Rice have a big day, and that’s something we usually don’t do, but those guys get paid just like we get paid, and they had a great game plan. They just executed in the moments when we were out of position.”

(on Ray Rice) “He’s a small guy, but the other thing is, guys were just out of position. We weren’t in the best positions to make the tackles. Once we had the opportunity to tackle him, he’s a pretty small and elusive guy that can get away from those tackles. So it’s a combination of all those things: his talents and us being out of position.”

(on Joe Flacco) “We definitely tried to get after him. He did a great job in giving the ball to [Ray] Rice. It’s very frustrating having a guy right there for the sack, and he makes one little move, and he gets out of the tackle and breaks the tackle and makes a play down field.”

LB Jonathan VilmaDescription:

(on missed tackles and was it credit to the runner or blame on the defense) “A little bit of both. You can never discount a guy like Ray Rice, the way he was running the ball. He did a real good job not only in the running game, but in the screen game as well. At the same time, we’re out there to tackle him. That is our job. That’s what we get paid to do, and we’ve got to do it.”
S Darren SharperDescription:

(on Ray Rice) “He runs really hard. He’s a low-to-the-ground guy. He’s small and compact. That makes him tough to tackle. The way they use him in the passing game makes him a complete back. He’s versatile, and he has good speed to get to the outside.”

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