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Trump right: Delusional Obama divisive, not pretty good President

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obama-carterIn his visit to Africa, President Obama once again showed his narcissism. He spent time focusing on the 2016 presidential race and criticizing Republican candidates Donald Trump and Mike Huckabee. He also used a speech to the African Union to claim that he could win a third term because “I’m a pretty good president.”


Thankfully, we have the 22nd Amendment and the President cannot serve a third term. Even the President noted that the U.S. Constitution forbids another term. He said, “no one should be president forever.” How true, Obama has already showed that he could not care less about constitutional restrictions on his power. Despite noting over 20 times that he could not issue a massive amnesty order for millions of illegal aliens, he did it anyway. So, the public should be wary of his supposedly heartfelt desire to follow the U.S. Constitution.

What is clear is that these comments show that President Obama is delusional. During his tenure we have seen $8 trillion more in national debt, three million new illegal aliens, a continual expansion of executive power, the massive enlargement of the food stamp program and the creation of an economy that features 93 million Americans outside of the work force resulting in a labor force participation rate at the lowest level since the 1970's.

This record has not been “pretty good,” it has been disastrous. If Americans had any sense, Obama would never had been elected and certainly not re-elected. Right thinking voters knew that Obama was a hard core leftist who was committed to “transforming” the country. Could he win a third term? Possibly because so many Americans are dependent on government assistance and see the President as their protector. Obama has also been given kid glove treatment by the national news media and never received the real vetting that other presidential candidates received.

While Obama thinks he can win a third term, Donald Trump expressed some other opinions. In an interview on Fox News, the Donald said that Obama is “divisive” and “probably the worst president in the history of our country.” Trump also noted that “people are tired of incompetent politicians running our country.”

This kind of straight talk is why Trump is surging in the polls. After 6 ½ years of Obama, millions of Americans are starved for the truth. Let's hope and pray that enough outraged Americans will flock to the polls in 2016 to make sure that the country moves in a very different direction in the next four years and we have a chance to recover from the damage that has been inflicted during the Obama years.

Jeff Crouere

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