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Mann speaks "frankly" about Vitter’s US Senate letters

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vitter-memoLSU professor and Blogger Bob Mann has focused upon Senator David Vitter’s recent letters to constituents and makes the point that the Senator who is leading the gubernatorial candidates is playing “fast and loose” with US Senate rules.


Weeks ago, Mann wrote, “Updated: Is Sen. David Vitter abusing the congressional franking privilege in pursuit of governor's office? which revealed that the Senator has been sending mailings to Louisiana voters with the necessary language covered under the senate rules.  Mann also discussed how Vitter has taken advantage of the campaign financing rules enabling with a Super Pac supporting him.

Today, Mann provides details and letters he has received from the Senator’s office which the columnist asks whether Vitter is skirting the law or breaking it.

Here is the beginning of his blog post:

With more than $9 million to support his campaign for Louisiana governor, you wouldn’t think Sen. David Vitter would need to spend our tax dollars to supplement his political activities. I mean, with $9 million, you can afford paper and stamps and still have millions left for massive TV buys.

Vitter, however, seems to regard his official Senate office as an extension of his campaign — in the same way that Gov. Bobby Jindal has always abused and misused his office in pursuit of the White House.

Vitter, however, is taking things to an absurd degree. In the days since I first questioned if Vitter was abusing the congressional franking privilege regarding mass mailings, I’ve received a steady stream of various letters that Vitter is sending out to constituents. They are conveniently timed to land in mailboxes just months before the Oct. 24 primary election. And they seem to be written by Vitter’s Senate staffers on all kinds of subjects.

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