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Louisiana Cancels Inactive Voters From Rolls

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               More than 120,000 inactive voters were removed from the voting rolls in Louisiana through a statutorily-mandated cancellation process that took place Sunday December 19.

Voters were placed on the inactive list when, during the annual voter canvassing process, the Secretary of State’s Office was unable to verify their address or their mail is returned as undeliverable. Voters on this list had not confirmed their addresses with their registrars of voters, nor did they vote anytime in the two-year period beginning with the Nov. 4, 2008, presidential election and ending with the Nov. 2, 2010, congressional general election.

               “This year’s total is significantly higher than usual since the Legislature appropriately suspended the canvass in 2006,” Secretary Schedler said, referring to the law passed following the 2005 hurricanes to give voters time to return to the state. “Many of these voters would have ordinarily been canceled in 2008, but they’ve had an extra two years to verify their addresses and vote in any election. This leads me to believe the vast majority of the voters to be canceled simply aren’t here anymore.”
               The Secretary of State’s Office canceled 44,739 voters in 2008, 83,702 in 2006 and 108,850 in 2004.  These numbers may fluctuate slightly with ongoing maintenance of the voter rolls.
               As of Dec. 19, 2010, there are 2,940,885 Louisiana registered voters comprised of 1,480,776 Democrats, 775,671 Republicans and 684,438 other parties.   Whites made up approximately 65%, blacks 30.6% of the registered voters. Approximately 3% of the white, 5% of the black, 4% of the Democratic and 3% of the Republican registered voters were cancelled.
               The voters who were cancelled were those who were no longer living in Louisiana or those who do but just have not voted.  During the 2008 Presidential elections, over 70% of the registered Louisiana voters did vote.
“If you voted in the Presidential election in 2008, you’re not on the list”, said Jacques Berry, press secretary for Schedler.
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