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The Donald Trump of Louisiana business and politics

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trump-campaignWhen he first entered the presidential race in June, billionaire Donald Trump was considered a long shot. While some so-called experts claimed that he was running as a publicity stunt, others said he would never release his financial information. Well, he filed his financial disclosure documents and has shown that he is serious about the race.

In recent days, Trump has established a political organization just as his poll numbers are skyrocketing. In the latest Fox News poll, Trump has a commanding lead over his nearest rival. His supposedly controversial comments about illegal immigration and U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) have only helped his political standing. The political insiders who predicted his demise today look like idiots.

Trump has connected with voters because he is a political outsider and is not connected to the Republican Party establishment. Unlike politicians, Trump is politically incorrect and says what is on his mind. His brashness and honesty is refreshing in a poll driven political environment where most candidates are controlled by consultants.

The Trump formula not only can work in the presidential race, it may also work here in Louisiana. In the current Governor's race, there are four candidates, all of them are well known and established politicians. Thus, there could be an opportunity for a fifth major candidate to enter the race.

Not surprisingly, businessman John Georges is reportedly taking a serious look at the Governor's race. After two years in charge, Georges recently turned over the publishing duties of the Advocate newspaper. This could give him the time and opportunity to launch a campaign for Governor.

While he is known for his success as a businessman, Georges has lost two previous political races. In 2007, he ran for Governor as an Independent and lost to Bobby Jindal. In 2010, he ran for Mayor of New Orleans as a Democrat and lost to Mitch Landrieu.

To have a legitimate chance in this race, Georges should run as an Independent. In recent years, there has been an increasing trend of Louisiana voters registering as Independents. With the multitude of troubles in Washington D.C. today, polls show both parties are extremely unpopular.

Voters in Louisiana and across the country are becoming increasingly distrustful of both parties. It seems that on the state level and the national level nothing of substance is getting accomplished and our problems are only getting worse.

As an Independent, Georges could tell voters that he would have the freedom to deal with the longstanding problems such as the budget, healthcare, public education, crumbling infrastructure and coastal erosion without being beholden to special interests, political parties or powerful political forces.

As a wealthy businessman, Georges could fund his own campaign, as Trump has done, and not owe any favors to donors. This type of true independence is refreshing to voters tired of the politics as usual system that never leads to real progress.

Trump has provided the blueprint for Georges to succeed as a gubernatorial candidate. The time could be right for an Independent to do well in a race for Governor of Louisiana. Obviously, the other four candidates are formidable, especially U.S. Senator David Vitter (R-LA), the leader in the polls. However, Georges, as a true Independent, beholden to no one except the people of Louisiana, could make the race very interesting, competitive and compelling for voters looking for a real choice this election season.

Will former The Advocate publisher, John Georges, run for Louisiana governor?

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