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Louisiana Census, Voters Reduction And Patterns

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Will the recent reduction of Louisiana registered voters in Louisiana change the state’s voting patterns?  Will the census results change voting patterns?   Bayoubuzz asked these questions to Louisiana Secretary of State, Tom Schedler:

With the recent census results, reduction of registered voters in the state and considering the voting patterns of the past years, how do you believe these factors will impact future elections?

We have not seen any change in voting patterns from the reduction of registered voters in the past years of cancellation of voters in accordance with the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) and we do not expect any changes from this year's cancellation.  In fact, we have seen greater participation in voter turnout in parishes which have been affected by natural disasters in the past.  We have no reason to believe that the census results will change voting patterns, but may reduce the number of congressional districts for Louisiana.

Reapportionment is now a big issue.  If you were to look into a crystal ball, what would you see?  Who wins and who loses?

The role of the Secretary of State's office in reapportionment is to implement legislative and local government reapportionment plans.  We plan to work closely with those jurisdictions to perform this duty.

 Is the Secretary of State’s office planning any new legislation for the upcoming sessions? 

We have a legislative package that we present annually to the State Board of Election Supervisors for technical and substantive changes to the Election Code as needed for the improvement of elections in the State of Louisiana.  The state board will meet in January, 2011.

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