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Alabama's Alpha Phi sorority video fails "politically correct" test

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alabama-girlsThe disgusting captains of political correctness have claimed another victim. This time it is the girls of Alpha Phi sorority at the University of Alabama.


Their five minute recruitment video is supposedly controversial because it shows the young women in a variety of clothing, including Daisy Dukes and bathing suits. It also is coming under fire because the girls are mostly good looking blondes. The critics believe the sorority is just too “white” and the portrayals are too “sexist.”

It seems that in our society people have to apologize for being white. At the University of Alabama and other institutions of higher learning across the country there are black sororities that are accepted and not criticized. In fact, the University of Alabama boast six black fraternities and sororities and none of them are under fire for their recruiting techniques.

While some fraternities and sororities are integrated, others are more homogeneous. A sorority should be able to recruit whatever girls they want to associate with, as long as no one is rejected solely on the basis of race, religion or ethnicity.

The video in question is well done and reflects positively on both the sorority and the University of Alabama. It shows girls laughing, dancing, swimming and playing football. By the way, African American football player Kenyan Drake, a star running back for the Crimson Tide, is featured in the video. This should clearly refute unfair accusations of racism leveled at the sorority.

It seems Americans like the video, as it has been seen over 500,000 times online. Sadly, the PC police have forced the sorority to remove the video and the national headquarters for Alpha Phi, the fourth oldest sorority in the country, has taken down all of their social media accounts.

Compared to the filth displayed in rap songs, television and movies, this video is utterly harmless. There is no nudity, profanity, racism, hate or discriminatory behavior in the video. It just depicts sorority girls enjoying their organization with friends and having fun, and there should be nothing wrong with that in our country today.

Unfortunately, according to editorial writer A.L. Bailey, the video shows too much “euphoric hugging and hand holding,” and is too “hyper-feminine.” This humorless editorialist is obviously clueless about the benefits of sorority life. The bonds of friendship that sorority girls develop can last a lifetime. Sororities can produce some of a young woman’s best collegiate memories. These are the type of scenes featured in the video; however, it is somehow to Bailey, who is upset that the video contains a “parade of white girls” that are too “racially and aesthetically homogeneous.”

Bailey represents the politically correct class that inhabits university administrations and media newsrooms around the country. It is the type of attitude reflected in the ridiculous condemnation from the University of Alabama’s Associate Vice President for University Relations, Deborah Lane, who claimed that the video is “not reflective of UA’s expectations for student organizations to be responsible digital citizens.” So, in our politically correct society today, sorority girls are not responsible digital citizens if they produce a video filled with laughter and old fashioned harmless fun.

Despite the criticisms, there is nothing wrong with sorority girls dressed in bathing suits or University of Alabama football jerseys and wearing sunglasses.  The video portrays positive images which are sorely lacking on college campuses today. Ironically, the video will recruit plenty of young men and women to the University of Alabama whether the guardians of political correctness like it or not.

Jeff Crouere

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