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Katrina Anniversary: I am New Orleans, from a birds-eye view

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I-am-New-Orleans-KatrinaOutside of marriage, birth of my son, family deaths and other personal occasions, Hurricane Katrina was and is the most significant event in my life.

Never would I have imagined that a one-day storm would have caused such personal family disruptions, moments of bewilderment and despair, uncertainty of personal futures, cataclysmic changes in lives and hopes.


Never would I have imagined that a city and a region would become a virtual ghost-town, with despite the urgings of some--urging the nation not to rebuild the City of New Orleans, we did and we have survived.

Never would I have imagined many of my friends and relatives, who were rooted in this region for decades and some perhaps scores more, would find themselves making a new home and a new start, elsewhere.

Never would I have imagined a life-long friend (with everything to live for) take his life, then later, his son, on the anniversary of his death, commit suicide. 

Never would I imagine my crying, almost daily, and suddenly, grieving inside, because of the personal losses and the fear that the very home town, the very community, the very state I so valued, instantly turned in total chaos.

Never would I imagine that faces of strangers I never met, help along with from citizens from around the world, sacrifice their time, energies and assets to help us bring back the past, and contribute to our future.

I have so many words, thoughts, memories that words cannot describe including some I never hope to remember and others I hope I never forget, of this decade gone by.  Sadly, they will go unmentioned, which perhaps the way it should be.

 For those who want to know what home means to so many of us, I share with you, what I call the "Love Song to New Orleans", from the genius of my friend known as Vince Vance--his profound and ever-moving music video, “I am New Orleans”

For those who want to visualize the impact of a storm called Katrina, I share with you a video I have created, with the help of the wonderment of Google Earth, of this region, before and after, from a birds-eye view.




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