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David Vitter's TV are coming, the campaign ads are here

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vitter-teaThe ads are coming, the ads are coming!!

Actually, they ads are here.

 Today, David Vitter released another TV airing statewide.  His first ad was a split screen David Vitter, today tomorrow.  That ad has been downloaded over 40 thousand times.  It was published online on August 19.

Today, Vitter released another television ad currently airing statewide. The ad, called “The Right Team,” focusing upon Louisiana’s budget.

In an email blast to his followers, he says, “Vitter ends the ad by saying, "They say I'm annoying the politicians...must be doing something right.” 

That line refers to a Times Picayune headline on May 12, 2015 “Sen. Vitter's 'interesting year' – moving bills but annoying colleagues,” which discusses his efforts to end the Washington Exemption from Obamacare and his bills to set term limits and block automatic pay raise which have all angered his colleagues.

His campaign is not the only one ready to unleash the heavy TV ad barrage.  La. Politics has reported that his Super PAC “initial buy will include television and broadcast and will build toward an expected $2 million media budget between Aug. 28 and the primary election on Oct. 24 — or roughly $250,000 per week on average. It represents the kickoff of what could be the largest TV buy from any single entity so far this cycle. “


On Tuesday, the Louisiana Democratic Party sent this email dispatch focusing upon today’s Women’s Equality Day, claiming Edwards is standing up for women and his opponents are not.   

As the nation marks Women’s Equality Day tomorrow, voters in Louisiana are called upon to hold their leaders accountable for the failed policies that have left our state ranked last in the nation for gender pay equity. One leader is standing up for Louisiana families to demand equal pay for equal work: John Bel Edwards. He is the only candidate in the race who has voted ‘yes’ for meaningful, enforceable equal pay. His record of fighting for women stands in stark contrast to the field of Republicans vying to be the next Bobby Jindal.

At every opportunity in his long and storied career, Sen. David Vitter has failed the test of leadership and refused to support equal pay for the mothers, sisters and daughters of Louisiana. Vitter’s abuse of their trust and disdain for women’s hard work is a matter of record. Scott Angelle, by contrast, has no record on gender pay equity--- but his silence during this year’s legislative session was deafening. Instead of speaking up and offering leadership while the legislature defeated a bill for equal pay, Angelle remained passively on the sidelines.

Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne, who five years ago was campaigning on his promises to work with Jindal, has likewise been complicit in the broken GOP policies that have failed the women of our state.  When John Bel Edwards was fighting for equal pay in the legislature, Jindal’s lieutenant was missing in action. He later told reporters he didn’t even read the bill.

“In the race for governor, only one of the four candidates has shown the kind of leadership and compassion needed to address the gender pay gap and to fight for equal pay for equal work,” said Sen. Karen Carter Peterson, chairwoman of the Louisiana Democratic Party. “John Bel Edwards is a leader who will fight for women voters in Louisiana.”

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