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Surprised? Jindal's Katrina statement fails to mention federal bailout $

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Congress-house floorLouisiana Governor Bobby Jindal issued the following statement today about Katrina anniversary, but, somehow, in a conservative politically correct way, he seemed to have left out something quite important that allowed the Gulf Coast, and Louisiana and New Orleans in particular, to come back from figuratively speaking, the dead.


Jindal, who is running for US President and who has campaigned on reducing federal involvment in local affairs, said in this statement released by his office:

"Ten years ago, the world watched as Hurricane Katrina devastated our state. Many believed the storm had robbed America of one of its greatest cities.  Thousands were evacuated, infrastructure was destroyed, schools were closed, businesses were relocated, and we lost over 1,000 lives. Our community was brought to its knees. Although the skeptics said that we would never recover, Louisianians knew different.  Rebuilding a stronger Louisiana was the only acceptable option to the resilient citizens who call Louisiana home.

Today, Louisiana has come back from the storm stronger than ever.  Americans from every corner of the country helped us in our hour of need, and Louisianians proved to the world what we could accomplish. The storm forced us not just to rebuild, but to improve, so we cracked down on long-standing corruption, passed critical education reforms, and made our state a better place for people and businesses alike. The story of the New Orleans and Louisiana comeback is proof once again that the American people can do anything they put their minds to."

So, what did the governor leave out from his statement while he tried to take credit for successes made on his watch--such as reducing corruption, improving education and making Louisiana more business friendly?

The answer?  Federal money, which, did come from the pockets of all Americans.  In fact, billions and billions of it.

According to federal figures, Louisiana's GDP for one year is $141 billion and the total federal Katrina recovery tallied up to over $121 billion.

Louisiana surely was one of the hardest hit states and received a significant portion of that money.

According to the Obama administration, $5.1 billion dollars has been dedicated to Louisiana recovery just from the stimulus money that Jindal has blasted.

Unquestionably, we should thank America and so many others for its help, in so many ways.  And, indeed, Louisiana citizens overcame the most difficult of odds, worked themselves to the bone and sacrificed beyond expectations. 

But, foremost, we should thank Americafor "bailing us out" with their hard-earned tax dollars, something Governor Jindal has conveniently failed to mention.  

The truth is, Louisiana received one of the largest bailouts in American history.  It did not have to happen but it did.

And, we are all the better for it.



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