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Kansas City Chiefs upset New Orleans Saints by 27-24 in overtime

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Saints fleurThe Kansas city Chiefs scalped the New Orleans Saints 27-24 in sudden death to send the home team, Saints, 0-3 after their worse off-season in history.






 The Saints 


This is what was tweeted right after the Saints lost:

    Saints ASS
  • fermosh
    "@nfl: FINAL SCORE/OT: Chiefs 27, Saints 24." @germanquintana1 ahí van mi hijo
  • my saints just lost DAMN.........but Buck them NINERSSSSSS dey lost now finishin my paper an watchin raiders game
  • Denise Risher
    All I can say is what game... Way to go Chiefs!!!! One heck of a come back.. losing 24-6 .... Then come back & win 27-24 win over the Saints..... Go Chiefs!!!!
  • Tonya Cummins
    If I wasnt a ride or die chick, I would never watch another saints game but Im a lifer win or loose. chin up saints
  • Jacob Buckles
    What the F**k !!! Still a saints Fsu but damn the defense need to show up sometime this year who dat if u here me
  • JustShonta
    RT @iMargo_CEO: hats off to the chiefs they bought their A game we brought our D(not as in defense either) 0-3 hurts but I still LOVE my ...
  • panesito10
    RT @SportsCenter: The Saints fall to 0-3. Since 1990 only 3 teams have made the postseason after an 0-3 start.
  • AlyssaBeckmann
    RT @LifeOfAGeorgian: Lmao listening to @AlyssaBeckmann hate on the Saints>>>>>>> xD #hilarious
  • SenorCheeks
    Saints fans quiet af this year
  • Saints now 0-3. The question has to be asked. Is head coach Aaron Kromer on the hot-seat? My prediction: Once GM Micky Loomis serves his suspension, Joe Vitt takes over.
  • Umpire Manny
    niners down but theyll be back.whn dat saints
  • Saneisha McCoy
    Goodell so mad at Saints that he got replacement refs working for him.
  • Derek C Kenney
    For the last 3 weeks I have been very productive by not wasting my time watchingSaints Football!!!
  • Roxann Taylor
    For the 3rd straight week both the Hogs & the Saints have lost!!! The Li'l Pups in Morrilton are the only bright spot in my football season!!!!
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