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Jindal: Trump has no ideology, narcissist, ego maniac, unstable, unserious

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jindal-trumpRepublican Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, candidate for President of the United States, slashed opponent Donald Trump in a string of attacks words he would normally reserve for President Obama, Hillary Clinton or another Democrat. 



Among other slams, Jindal said Trump has no idealogy other than Trump, that he is an "narcissist, an ego maniac, and unstable, an un-serious man".


Jindal had previously urged the republican party to be more civil towards one another.  

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Jindal is languishing in the polls and Trump continues to surge.  In the latest CNN/ORC poll, Trump is at 32% while Jindal stands at 1%.


The other recent national polls, Monmouth, PPP and Quinnipiac place Jindal with 0%.  


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