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Dardenne releases first TV ad for Louisiana governor election

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dardenne-adThe Jay Dardenne for Governor campaign has taken to the TV airwaves as his campaign released today his first television advertising of the campaign.  The ad, titled “Something Good”, began running statewide this morning.


According to most polls, Dardenne has been running fourth, in low double digits.

The Dardenne ad comes at a time that Senator Vitter has just released another TV ad called Miracle in which a woman recounts her experience with Senator Vitter coming to her aid to obtain a liver transplant. 

In promoting the release of his TV spot, his campaign said: 

“As voters begin to pay attention we are going to show them what this race is about.  They don’t have to settle for the same old partisan, scandal plagued politics,” said Dardenne.  

“Frankly, voters deserve honesty and that is what I’m going to give them.  In the coming weeks they may not always like what I have to say, but they’ll know where I stand and what I’ll do as Governor,” he added.

Here is the transcript of the audio of “Something Good”:

Something good is about to happen in Louisiana. 

He talks straight because he’s not a Washington politician.

He brings us together…

He doesn’t drive a wedge through our heart with partisan politics.  

Solves problems, no drama.  

Twenty five years of public service, not a hit of scandal.  

He’s a rare find at a fragile time.  

Jay Dardenne, Governor, he’ll make Louisiana proud.

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