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Google Hangouts, Meerket, Blab, Periscope: Election season webinar

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meerkatStart the webcam or smart phone cameras, it’s election season once again. 

Webcam?  Smart phone camera?  Elections?

 Yes, digital video has become the must-use tool for presenting and winning elections.  Thanks to mobile technologies, high-speed Internet, cheaper and better digital cameras on computers on phones, tablets, notepads and other similar devices, we can all broadcast elections--whether we are campaign managers, candidates, media or activist. 

Which means elections have gone digital video ready to connect with your Facebook friends, twitter followers and other social media and web properties.  

This Friday September 18 at 1 PM CST, I will be conducting a webinar focusing upon the use of technologies such as Google Hangouts, Periscope, Meerkat and the new rave, Blab.

We will be discussing the pros, the cons of using these technologies, which ones should you use in various settings, how to use them and so much more.

Candidates are and can use these incredible technologies to send out quick messages, via email, live conversations over twitter, google hangout, websites and digital venues around the web.

Those interested in attending, click here.

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