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While some Louisiana politiicians are likely to claim that the state is in good financial shape, that unemployment is lower than its neighbors and that the economy is robust and the best in the South, according to the Institute For Truth in Accounting, Louisiana is at the bottom of the Deep South States in its “Financial State of the Economy as of Fiscal 2009”.

Governor BlancoIt was a hopeful but bittersweet night in Baton Rouge this past Saturday.

The Louisiana Democrats hosted their annual Jefferson-Jackson Dinner. This year, the featured attraction honored Kathleen Blanco for her years of service to the Democratic Party and to the state.

Bittersweet yet hopeful, because those in attendance were cautiously optimistic about the health of former Governor Blanco. Blanco, who retired after battling the eye of Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath, is now fighting a dangerous rare eye cancer.

Euegene SchreiberI have known Gene Schreiber for more than a decade. 

I have just learned of his death. 

Not only do I think he was one of the most humble and committed person I have ever known, but also one of the kindest. 

US debtAs President Obama, the Republicans and Democrats in U.S. Congress debate how to maintain a growth economy while providing necessary governmental services, cutting spending and capping the national debt, many Americans have little clue how much they personally owe for the governments obligations, and how much they are mortgaging their grandchildren’s future.

Credit CardGovernor Jindal has frequently hit the luncheon circuits, the legislative chambers and other speaking engagements stating, “The national debt will reach over $14 trillion this year – $26 trillion dollars in a decade’s time. Make no mistake about what that means this year. Just this year’s debt level alone equates to over $45,000 for every American. $100,000 for every American family.

Is Louisiana Republican Governor Bobby Jindal in a subtle political war with U.S. Senator David Vitter to control the future of the Louisiana Republican Party and the state’s political space? Are we witnessing a Godfather-like family fight on the bayou?

It is no secret that there has been frayed feelings between the current Governor and junior Senator despite Vitter’s rather unusual endorsement of Jindal.

Casey AnthonyIt’s now official.

Our 21st Century version of Scarlet Letter’s Hester Quinn, Casey Anthony, will be “freed at last” next Wednesday.

There has been much talk about making book deals, getting death threats, being on top of the most-hated list, and being a proud symbol of the nation’s most dysfunctional family.

David DukeIs America taking a White Turn in its upcoming national elections?

We’ll see.

According to the Daily Beast, Neo Nazi, former Louisiana legislator, white Supremacist David Duke will be touring 25 states to explore how much support he can garner for a potential presidential bid. The publication has also claiming that “Duke-lites” are priming to run for various elective offices in growing numbers.

JindalVitter is now on record endorsing Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal who was kind of on record not endorsing the Louisiana U.S. Senator and other Republicans Congressional candidates last year.

Bobby JindalIt sure was nice of Bobby and gang.  In fact, it was" real class".  

Or was it?

The Jefferson Report filed an article on Monday stating that the Jindal campaign felt so taken back by the Governor’s only opponent’s appeal for money for her special-ed classroom that the Jindal campaign sought fit to donate $5,000 smackaroonies to help Tara Hollis’s class reach greater educational heights.

When I first read the Jefferson Report article, I thought to myself, huh? Why?

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