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Hurricane Ida has hit and is now gone, thank you.  Despite its rude visit and departure, Louisiana residents are restless. Some have evacuated to points everywhere. Others remain back home.  All of them long for they way things were before the storm.

Those who have remained are surviving the smothering heat.  If they are very lucky, they have some gas in their tanks.  Gas for cars and trucks is woefully lacking.  Drivers face very long lines taking hours to get to the pump.  Some gas stations have become danger zones.  Jefferson Parish Sheriff Joseph Lopinto has coined pump misbehaving, as "gas holes". So, why would a state, almost literally drowning in oil, gas and refineries be so lacking at the gas pump?

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Mike Yenni, the beleagured but successful President of Jefferson Parish has made his future decision. He will not run for re-election.

Yenni, the former Mayor of the City of Kenner, was voted parish president in 2015. Shortly afterwards, he became embroiled in a personal controversy.  The two candidates who seek to replace him are Councilwoman Cynthia Lee Sheng and former Jefferson Parish President John Young.  Here is the just-released press statement from his media advisor Greg Buisson:

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