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Casey AnthonyIt’s now official.

Our 21st Century version of Scarlet Letter’s Hester Quinn, Casey Anthony, will be “freed at last” next Wednesday.

There has been much talk about making book deals, getting death threats, being on top of the most-hated list, and being a proud symbol of the nation’s most dysfunctional family.

David DukeIs America taking a White Turn in its upcoming national elections?

We’ll see.

According to the Daily Beast, Neo Nazi, former Louisiana legislator, white Supremacist David Duke will be touring 25 states to explore how much support he can garner for a potential presidential bid. The publication has also claiming that “Duke-lites” are priming to run for various elective offices in growing numbers.

JindalVitter is now on record endorsing Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal who was kind of on record not endorsing the Louisiana U.S. Senator and other Republicans Congressional candidates last year.

Bobby JindalIt sure was nice of Bobby and gang.  In fact, it was" real class".  

Or was it?

The Jefferson Report filed an article on Monday stating that the Jindal campaign felt so taken back by the Governor’s only opponent’s appeal for money for her special-ed classroom that the Jindal campaign sought fit to donate $5,000 smackaroonies to help Tara Hollis’s class reach greater educational heights.

When I first read the Jefferson Report article, I thought to myself, huh? Why?

Jean ArmstrongBayoubuzz is proud and excited to present its “Bayoubuzz Louisiana Woman of the Month” focus for the first time since Katrina. The honor goes to Jean Armstrong of Baton Rouge.  Each month, we will preview one woman in areas such as business, government, community, education, culture and other arenas that have helped Louisiana women compete, prosper and enlighten within our society.

Armstrong might live in Baton Rouge, but she also is well known throughout the state for her dedication to the state’s wellbeing, for her contributions to women’s causes and for her commitment to civic activism and family.

It was the same but a different New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin.

Yesterday, he was facing the same media with whom he had a rocky relationship during the last four years of his 8-year two-term administration.

This time, Nagin was not trying to sell an idea to move the city forward but was promoting his book, Katrina Secrets.

Twitter today: Louisiana Sen. Vitter pointing out that a CBO plan shows why Obama and Harry Reid should embrace "conservative spending cuts plans".   New felony charges against former New Orleans Public Belt exec, Jim Bridger. Legislature saying goodbye to Louisiana Medical Center oversight. 

Bachmann-Intelligent DesignOne of the big debates in the Louisiana blogosphere today is questioning Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann’s intelligence or at least her honesty. 

Bachmann made a big hit at the Republican Southern Leadership Conference in New Orleans this Friday as she did last week on the CNN Republican Party Presidential debate. 

However, at the conference, Kevin Allman of the Gambit tried to ask her a very simple question about a statement she made while on a 2006 panel discussion when she tried to support Intelligent Design or some say “Creationism” in schools. 

Jindal CigarettesI’m smoking.

Smoking mad.

It appears that our Louisiana House of Representatives are going to vote on the cigarette tax. According to news reports, as of now there are not enough votes to override Governor Jindal’s veto.

Based upon news reports, Jindal has made a personal plea to his party not to override his veto of the four-cent-per pack cigarette tax.


Jindal birthdayToday is Louisiana’s Governor Bobby Jindal’s birthday. He is now 40-years old.

Happy birthday Governor.

It’s hard to believe that roughly fifteen years have passed since Governor Foster picked the 25-year-old Rhodes Scholar to be the youngest Secretary of Louisiana Health and Hospitals.

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