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Sarah Whalen

sarahw2Sarah Whalen is a university journalism instructor, attorney and author.

trump campaignIs Donald Trump “softening” on illegal immigration?


But the nuances are developing, and that’s a very good thing.

If Trump wants to show how absurd President Obama’s refusal to enforce U.S. immigration laws is, he can fly into “Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport,” which is NOT in “New Orleans,” not near anywhere Armstrong lived, and not at all near the no-longer-existing “Storyville,” where Armstrong blew his trumpet before becoming the most engaging trumpet player in the world.

obama hillaryThe Obama-Clinton Democrats think Americans are dumb.

We’re so dumb, and so easily distracted, that Obama and Hilary think we won’t keep asking about whether Obama’s White House and Hillary’s State Department paid a cash ransom of $400 million dollars to Iran to return a handful of U.S. citizens imprisoned there.

Hillary Clinton benghaziIs Khizr Khan still bashing Trump?

America needs to look closely at the Khans and Pakistan.

Some Pakistani immigrants are good Americans, but some are outright terrorist who hide in plain sight amongst their Muslim brothers– and that’s the dilemma.

hillary email

Remember that old ad convincing people not to take drugs? The one with the sizzling, frying egg making noises like “ppppppppfffffffttttt!”

Last week, we heard the sound of Hillary Clinton’s famous brain suddenly “short-circuiting.”


trump khan

Khizr Khan, speaking at Hillary Clinton’s Democratic National Convention, raged at Donald Trump.

Khizr says Trump’s soul is “black” and his heart’s depraved.

But how did Khizer and his silent-witness wife, Ghazala, come to stand within that bright white circle of small stars on Hillary’s DNC dias?

khanKhizr Khan, a Pakistani who immigrated to the United States and became a citizen, warmed up the DNC crowds last night for Hillary Clinton’s big speech.

This was probably Hillary’s biggest mistake.

And not just of the evening.

clinton cleanHillary Clinton deleted 33,000 emails from her private internet server.  Remember?  It was the subject of that FBI investigation for Clinton appointee Loretta Lynch’s Department of Justice inquiry.  Hillary’s emails just went “poof!”  As in “Gone!”  The FBI says some were  super-duper tip-top secret-secret stuff.  But others, Hillary claims, are just about her yoga classes and daughter Chelsea’s wedding.

silvaDo you think American society is a Nazi society?

Astrid Silva does.

Do you think American laws are enforced by Nazi Gestapo-like officials?

sandersThe Democratic National Convention is a celebration of big lies.

And the big “scare” is underway.

obama promWhat a speech Donald Trump gave last night!

And to those still undecided, Donald’s speech resonated inclusion. Sum it up like this:

Don’t get dumped– vote Trump!

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