I can wish the Who Dat Nation Happy New Year, but the Falcons and several pressboxers must realize there's no crying in football.

CBSSports columnist Pete Prisco said after the Saints 45-16 victory over the Falcon, Saints quarterback Drew Brees late in the game threw a short touchdown to Darren Sproles with 2:51 to play. The Saints were winning 38-16, so that touchdown for making the game 45-16 final was meaningless as far as this game went.


Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal will be starting 2012 by traveling to Iowa on behalf of Texas Governor Rick Perry's Republican Presidential candidacy bid. 

An email sent by his press secretary Frank Collins said, "Today, Governor Bobby Jindal will travel to Iowa to support Governor Rick Perry's campaign for President. On Monday (1/2) and Tuesday (1/3), Governor Jindal will join Governor Perry for multiple campaign stops across the state. Governor Jindal will return to Baton Rouge on Tuesday."

brees-panthersOne tweet today could say it all.

surfingonsteam Scott McDonald
"I’d like to thank the Chargers organization for giving up on Drew Brees and Darren Sproles!" - Every New Orleans Saints fan in America

Saturday, 31 December 2011 13:46
Brees, Cam Newton Showdown As Saints-Panthers Collide
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graham-panthersNFL public relations (media relations) staffs from time to time send out emails bragging about the accomplishments of their players. I sent these messages out for several years when I was with the Saints. It was Billy Kilmer and Archie Manning then.

steve_sabludowsky01Relax, my friends and faithrful readers. I know that many of you simply cannot let go of 2011 without reading my "trusted" predictions for the upcoming year.  So, await, no longer as "I Predict that in 2012...":

The New Orleans Saints do not go to the Super Bowl in 2012.  While they are playing their best football ever, they likely will need to beat either Green Bay or San Francisco (away from home) to get into the super shindig.  (I hope I am wrong).

It was another crazy year for Louisiana politics. As usual, some people fared much better than others. Here is the Ringside Politics annual list of Saints and Aint’s.  



  • State Senator John Alario switched parties and was selected by Jindal to be the next State Senate President, even though he is a former crony of Edwin Edwards.
  • Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne has won three statewide elections in the last five years. He withstood big money and opposition from Sen. Vitter to win re-election. Today, he looks to be one of the favorites in the next Governor's race
Friday, 30 December 2011 11:36
New Orleans Saints, Brees, Tebow And Luck in 2012
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saints-seahawks1So, here are some predictions as we jump into 2012. 

Former LSU quarterback Matt Flynn will be the NFL's breakthrough quarterback this season. He has spent his entire four-year career behind Aaron Rodgers, and he's set to become a free agent this season. There are several spots he could end up -- at Miami, Indianapolis, Buffalo and Kansas City.

Thursday, 29 December 2011 10:39
A Bayou New Year's Greeting From Louisiana
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Did you make a New Year’s resolution yet? I always do. Hope and foreboding are at the top of my list and have been these past few years. The New Year always brings a promise of uncertainty. More so for most of us in the coming year. I would rather be absorbed with the more mundane things in life. But that won’t happen in the busy lives that most of us lead.

Thursday, 29 December 2011 09:49
New Orleans Saints, Panthers, Brees And All That Class
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paytonThe New Orleans Saints are showing the world it is at the top of the NFL class.  They have proven this in the televised football games, with its top-rated coach and quarterback and even with its presence in the Pro Bowl selections.

In preparation for the final regular game of the year, coach Sean Payton and  and quarterback Drew Brees talked about he upcoming game against the Carolina Panthers.

Saints coach Sean Payton on Wednesday said "it's full speed ahead: for Sunday's game against the Panthers.

"We're going to play all our guys," Payton said at his Wednesday news conference. "There's still seeding at stake. We're getting better as a team week by week and that's something we might need going into the postseason."


Bringing “The Joy” Back to Canal Street and Other Fun Events

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