Summary:  Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has declared a state of emergency for Louisiana in preparatin for Invest 94 or could be known as Tropical Storm Danielle should the condition upgrade.  In the declaration, Jindal expressed his concern about the storm's impact upon the BP oil spill and impact of the Deepwater Horizon site.


Summary:  As a low pressure system threatens the Gulf of Mexico, BP has announced it will suspend operations to complete the "bottom kill" due to the weather.  It is hopeful that the bottom kill would permanently plug the Macondo well.  Also, in a press briefing, National Incident Commander Admiral Thad Allen discussed the federal response in light of the gulf weather and Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal told  Louisianians to monitor the weather.   

Summary: Louisiana Governor bobby Jindal praises the consolidation of the federal BP oil spill court cases to the US District court of Louisiana, in New Orleans.


staton1The Saints and the Patriots met on the practice field on Tuesday morning behind Gillette Stadium in Foxborough.

They will have two sessions on Tuesday and one on Wednesday before their meet in their preseason opener on Thursday night.  The teams will begin separately, going through warmups and individual drills. About a third of the way through the practice, the teams will come together to finish the rest of their work, which is expected to include a combination of group and team drills.

Louisiana Poll by SMOR showing David Vitter ahead of Charlie Melancon, Bobby Jindal very popular, and Jay Dardenne leading the Lt. Governor Race.  President Obama's poll numbers are very low.

Summary:  NASA head Sean O'Keefe and former Republican Alaska Senator Ted Stevens were reportedly in an airplane crash last night.  Five persons are reportedly killed in crash.  The AP is reporting that Stevens was killed in the crash (1:37 pm).  According to Reuters, O'Keefe has survived the plane crash. (3:15 pm). 

Former NASA head Sean O'Keefe and former Republican Senator Ted Stevens were reportedly in an airplane crash last night.  According to press reports, five people were killed.  There are no definitive reports confirming the possible presence of O’Keefe or Stevens in the crash or their respective conditions.

Summary: Louisiana Governor Jindal's Commisioner of Administration, Paul Rainwater has tapped Chris Gillot to serve as his chief of staff.  

Summary: The static kill appears to be successful and this week, the "final-kill" could be deployed to plug the BP oil well from  gushing into the Gulf of Mexico.  But, one environment group says the disaster may be far from over as they believe it has found either streams of red "oil or possibly a major red tide" off Louisiana.  

jeffcrouere_150_200Summary: Barack and Michelle Obama are entitled to vacations, but they are not King, Queen or royalty such as the King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain.  The Obamas should remember that US families are suffering from the horrible economy. 


steve_sabludowsky01Summary:  BP has deposited $3Billion of the $20B of the amount that President Obama and the company agreed upon in June.  However, there are numerous questions remaining about the security of the outstanding amounts owed and the collectability of the remaining balance for the claims and damages related to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill from the Deepwater Horizon rig. 


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