Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar today issued a Secretarial Order establishing a policy to ensure the integrity of the science and scientific products used in the Department’s decision-making and policy development.

The integrity of the Department of the Interior has especially come into question due to revelations of improper dealings that were exposed during the spring and summer months of the BP oil spill.  

After meeting Ken Feinberg with all the Parish Presidents, Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana President Billy Nungesser attended Naval Secretary Ray Mabus’ press conference at the river front where he learned of the appointment of Lisa Jackson over the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force.  President Nungesser met with Lisa Jackson immediately after the press conference.

“I was elated that the President picked a local New Orleans person to head up this important task force.  Not only does Lisa have the passion for helping protect our coastline, but she also has an open line to the White House, which will make her invaluable in helping us get through this tragedy and make our coastline whole,” said President Nungesser.

(Press release from the Office of Plaquesmines Parish President, Billy Nungesser)

Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus, issued a report today that calls for President Obama to urge Congress to dedicate a significant amount of civil Clean Water Act penalties incurred by those responsible for the spill to the Gulf Coast.  The report, titled “America’s Gulf Coast,” also recommends the creation of an immediate mechanism to manage the transition from response to recovery.

Here are statements made from Louisiana U.S.  Senators, Republican David Vitter, Democrat Mary Landrieu, Democrat Congressman Charlie Melancon (3rd Congressional District) and Republican Governor, Bobby Jindal and Congressman Cao (2nd Congressional District)—all which have been forwarded to Bayoubuzz.


President Obama asked Secretary Mabus, as the former Governor of Mississippi to develop a long-term Gulf Coast Restoration Plan to be designed by states, local communities, tribes, fishermen, businesses, conservationists and other Gulf residents.  The plan provides a comprehensive assessment of immediate post-spill needs, as well as a proposal for federal assistance in the overall recovery of the region.  The plan includes economic development, community planning, restoration of the ecosystem and environment, public health efforts and assistance to individuals and businesses impacted by the spill in the Gulf.

 Secretary Mabus submitted the recommendations to the President today.  The President has selected EPA Administrator Jackson to lead the task force charged with implementing the recovery plans.  Lisa Jackson is from New Orleans.

jeffcrouere_150_200Ever since Saints kicker Garrett Hartley missed a 29-yard field goal against our hated rivals the Atlanta Falcons, the trials and tribulations of this young man have been the talk of the town. Questions abound about his future or whether other kickers should be brought in to compete with him.

Sadly, such sports trivia is getting more attention than a real tragedy, the shooting death of a 2-year old toddler at a second line parade on Dryades Street in New Orleans.

The toddler was killed on Sunday afternoon, but all of the news media outlets led their broadcasts with a report on the Saints loss to the Falcons. When a sporting event is getting more coverage than a tragedy on the streets of New Orleans, we have a problem.

Louisiana has received a “B” in the recent 2010 Digital States Survey, a comprehensive examination of state government technology practices conducted by the Center for Digital Government, the research and advisory division of eRepublic, publisher of Government Technology.

Can the Democratic Party breathe a sign of relief this year as the President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden attempt to shake up the party base while on the campaign trail?  Or, with all of the news lately claiming republicans poised to possibly take over Congress, is the momentum clearly in the favor of the GOP? 

steve_sabludowsky01Governor Jindal will be involved in a fundraiser again this week; however, this one is for his own campaign:

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal will be the featured guest at a $1,000-per-person intimate gathering at a private residence in Uptown New Orleans Wednesday, September 29th.

What is happening in Louisiana and in the business community? 

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So with some state and a slew of local elections coming Louisiana’s way at the end of this week, how will the TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party phenomenon play itself out in these contests? The short answer is, not very distinguishably from traditional political dynamics. 

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